Heavy Metal Handyman

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Heavy Metal Handyman

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I Am the Heavy Metal Handyman , mover & shaker, Jack of all trades.
I was an owner of a retail business for 12 years and have since been working as a professional driver / mover / construction worker / mechanic/ Roadie/ and handyman for over 10 years.

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Source TaskRabbit/Amazon: https://www.taskrabbit.com/profile/299657/about

In a nutshell:

Corey is a great guy, he was easy to communicate with, very polite, helpful, showed up when he said he was going to show up, and got things taken care of. Awesome handy man, will use in the future for sure!

The nitty-gritty:

Corey is a real nice man and he got the job done! Very caring, seems passionate about what he does, he communicated with me via text/email, showed up on time he specified, would use his services again.

A little bit of background of how I came to meet the Heavy Metal Handyman. Amazon introduced Amazon Home Service, where someone will go out to your house and do whatever you need, from a basic move, replacement of home items, assembly, etc. I had purchased a new water faucet through a lightning deal and selected to try out the home services. Originally I had selected someone named “Walter Ibarra”, however that turned out to be real bad. I had much trouble with WALTER IBARRA, as that service provider NEVER came through, Amazon couldn’t even reach that provider, so I had a faucet leaking for days, I was very frustrated with the overall experience.

I love amazon, but the home services department doesn’t seem to have it’s act together, but I am sure they will correct their mistakes. Providers like WALTER IBARRA give Amazon a horrible name. If you can’t do the job, just tell me. However this review is not about WALTER IBARRA, it is about Corey (Heavy Metal Handyman). He did a great job! Wish him the best and hope to use his services once more. I looked him up online as he told me he was on Task Rabbit and a few other sites, and sure enough he had a 100% positive review amongst many satisfied customers, and he just added one more to the list. Great job Corey and thanks again.

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