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Hello! I will be reviewing video games and also posting links to full gameplay recordings. Playing video games has always been a massive passion for me, but there is no time. There is a tonnage of fun games, how I miss the old days. Plus, games back then were short, now you need like millions of hours for one.

I was torn as to which image to put up here, this one is the most comical to me at this moment, but I did want to put a bad ass warhammer image followed by “Death to the false emperor” but I decided to stick with….

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Warhammer 40,000 - Dawn Of War

Warhammer 40,000 - Dawn Of War

Examinators rating: 5 - ZOMG!
Reviewed by: McGarnagle



*Real-time strategy game based on the popular table-top war game
*Vie for the survival of mankind or its ultimate destruction
*Control 1 of 4 unique races
*Improved resource model makes it easier to focus on frontline action
*Single player campaigns; Multiplayer for up to 8 via LAN or Internet

Image from: Amazon
Source Amazon: http://smile.amazon.com/Warhammer-000-Dawn-War-Game-Year/dp/B000AA5WTY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1441073152&sr=8-1&keywords=dawn+of+war

In a nutshell:

In the emperors name! Purchase this now! If you enjoyed Starcraft/Warcraft, then you will enjoy this game, if not more.

The nitty-gritty:

This is an old game but it is still amazing to play. I remember bumping into this game by accident. At first I thought it was just some knock off from Starcraft, but little did I know that it was the other way around... Death to the false emperor! I can rant about Warhammer for days on end, but I will make this review based off the game.

The Warhammer universe is by the far one of the most dynamic, gruesome, rich and well established fantasies that one can imagine. The story is set in the 41st millennium where in the grim darkness of the far future there is only war. You have the loyal forces of the imperium at war with xenos which included the orks (green skins), Eldar, and other creatures. But not all are loyal, as the forces of Chaos also lay waste to all around. This is the first game of various expansions and the prelude to what is Dawn of War 2.

The story consists of force commander Gabriel Angelos, captain of the blood ravens. You arrive on Tartarus to aid the imperial guard as the loyal forces are over run by a green tide of orks. As the story progesses, the campaign looks grim and the future uncertain. Without going into details, the ork forces are discovered to be driven by a mobilization far too efficient and cunning to be of an ork mind, as you wage war, other developments arise.


Do not read below if you care about the story

This game hits home for me, it's just too amazing to pass up. Just in verbal audio and cut scenes you are looking at a good 1+ hour of content. Little did I know that the Warhammer universe was so massive, and that this video game was one of many and that everything was based on a series of books and a table top game. The story takes you through the landing on planet tartarus and commanding the forces of the blood ravens. As the story progresses, you begin to see that Gabriel Angelos is suspect due to the recent actions he has taken on his home world Cyrene. He is troubled as he has called upon the Inquisition for an Exterminatus, a full destruction of his planet due to Heresy or acts against the imperium of man. The solution? To cleanse the entire planet.

We learn this through his companion, a psyker known as Isador who is Gabriel Agelos battle brother. Due to the actions taken, this brings Inquistor Mordecai Toth to place a watchful eye on Gabriel as he suspects that he might be tainted by Chaos. During the attacks from the orks, they begin to find traces that the orks are being urged or manipulated by some unknown force or higher intelligence. During one of the campaigns they find chaos temples/altars and worship to the dark gods. Suddenly, the sector is about to be plagued by warp storms. Gabriel is left with a choice, evacuate the sector within 3x days or stay and be stranded for an unknown amount of time to defend the doomed world Tartarus while it is under attack by Ork and Chaos forces. To add even more danger, they are attacked by the enigmatic Eldar, what brings them to this doomed world? What other secrets are hidden within Tartarus?

Are you interested yet? If not, you should be... that is just up to Mission 4 out of 11 (if memory serves me well). The story is just incredible and continues to expand. The gameplay is rich with many unique units and structures to build. The death and destruction is absolute, with vast armies prepared to die in the name of their beliefs or for the hunt of the fight. The story alone is worth every moment, and the gameplay for local LAN or online gameplay up to 8x players is incredible. I remember spending hours and hours playing skirmish battles with all of the AI difficulty being on insane and dragging battles out for hours on end, with non stop attacks on my fortresses and troops. It got to the point where a friend of mine was also addicted to the game that we used to play locally via LAN against the AI, instead we would place all AI opponents on insane against us while we tried to survive the attacks long enough to have a small chance to strike back.

The expansions alone are also incredible, which extends the awesome game play, characters, units and so on. Stop reading, go out and buy it and also look into the Warhammer universe, it is just incredible. To date, this has to be the best series I have ever encountered, it blows away all other books, characters and games that I have played, it's just... too rich. Who would have thought that a simple game would get me addicted to the entire universe, only to have me keep reading and playing more games over the years to come. In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.

I will review all the other expansions as I go along. This is the game of the year edition, but to save on cost you can get the gold or platinum editions or just check out Steam. The story is just epic, reminds me of Legacy of Kain, that's how good these stories are. Thank you blessed warp storms.

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