The Amazing Spider-Man # 1

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The Amazing Spider-Man # 1

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In a nutshell:

I do not own the original copy but a reprinted version of ASM (Amazing Spider-Man) #1. To being, while we learned that things haven’t been much better for Peter Parker since his Uncle Ben’s death; they actual got a good deal worst. With Aunt May pawning her jewelry to keep the household afloat. With J. Jameson –Owner, Publisher and Chief Editor is always campaigning against Spider-Man, continuously picked on in school and as Spider-Man he couldn’t earn a decent dollar. This story carry’s out an important development in some key players and relationships, such as one of Spider-Man’s enemy “The Chameleon”.

The nitty-gritty:

Peter figures the only way to make big bucks and pay for some bills is to exploit his superhero persona and gets a brilliant idea: he will join the “Fantastic Four” (FF)! The Fantastic Four explain they aren’t a business but a non-profit organization. Spider-Man is upset and leaves. The Chameleon, a master of disguise and a bad guy, is planning to steal secrets from the U.S. government in order to sell them on to the Soviet Union. Taking note of Spider-Man’s unpopularity, he figures he’d make the perfect fall-guy for this latest job. In the guise of the wall-crawler, the Chameleon steals the secrets and escapes in a helicopter; Spider-Man is forced to track down his new nemesis to clear his name. Preventing the Chameleon from reaching a Soviet sub, he drags the costumed crook back to the law….and it looks like happily ever-after — but wait! The Chameleon causes a temporary black-out, changes into his final disguise, as a police officer, and attempts to escape. As Spider-Man is accused once more he leaps away to vanish and sulk in the night. The Chameleon is revealed in turn – his costume is torn, exposing his villainous identity. As the issue closes, the Fantastic Four ponder if Spider-Man could turn his back on law and order. Jonah’s a much more complex character than he’s often written as. Jonah’s hatred for Spider-Man would come in future issue, as some of you already know.

More reviews to follow, I just wanted to start out my reviews with my Favorite Super-Hero, I promise that I will review other Super-Hero’s and comics.

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