The Efts – This Music Is Probably Too Geeky For You

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The Efts – This Music Is Probably Too Geeky For You

Examinators rating: 2 – What A Mess…
Reviewed by: McGarnagle


The Efts - This Music Is Probably Too Geeky For You

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In a nutshell:

Wow… I am pretty geeky/nerdy (or so I am told) but this… wow… I give the artist props for having the guts to do this, but man… what a mess… save your ears and move on. I would have given it a 1/5 but I liked the cover so I gave it an extra +1 🙂

The nitty-gritty:

Not much to say, is it music? Sure, I guess… the soul in me says that everything is music, but this was kind of brutal. Yes I did listen to every song, once committed there is no turning back.

5 thoughts on “The Efts – This Music Is Probably Too Geeky For You”

  1. *shrug* Music is subjective I suppose. I really liked this, particularly Robot Destroy and Revolves Around You. It’s free too, so that’s nice. I give the album a 4/5.

    1. Totally, to each his own. Is this going to stop me from listening to the other albums? Heck no! 🙂 I am McGarnagle, I shall listen to everything! nom nom nom

      Oh and you are the first to submit a comment! Thank you! Blood for the blood god! skulls for the skulls throne! Emperor protect you!

  2. This is a hilariously terrible review for a great album. I stumbled across this site while looking for more music from The Efts. The reviewer “guesses” it’s music? Oh and “I did listen to every song” is kind of a red flag that they probably DIDN’T listen to every song (it’s assumed they did since, you know, it’s an album review). Anyway, I’m guessing the rest of the reviews on this site are equally uninformed. I give this review 1 star, but only because I liked the picture.

    1. You sir are incorrect, I listened to all of them, and I think they suck, you are entitled to your own opinion and I to mine and I still think it sucked, sorry.

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